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Find Property

Search available listings in real time and select one.

Ping a Realtor®

Set up a live agent meet-and-greet at the property in an instant.

Zing in 5

See it, believe it, in five minutes or less.

The Waiting Is Over

PingZingRealtor meets homebuyer demand by putting a powerful solution in the palm of your hand. Our easy-to-use app gives you a real time, direct connect to properties and Realtors. So you can search, find, view and own it—before someone else does.

Just ping, and we zing to the property in five minutes.

"Consumers can access our app in their smart device, and download it through their Apps icon on their screen. From there, they can search for properties in their area and know the information they are viewing is accurate, as it displays in real time, gathered from local MLS listings. The moment they find a property they would like to view in person, they can ping a Realtor in our system."

- Joey Almeida

What people are saying about PingZingRealtor

"Our first home was great but it is time to sell and upsize. The PingZingRealtor app will be huge in helping us find our dream home."

- John and Jen

"As an agent, PingZingRealtor will help me get my clients and other agents clients taken care of quickly. It will be an industry disruptor."

- Fred

"With this app I go look for a home and when I find the right home, I simply Ping a real estate agent to contact me or Zing to my location."

- Maria

For Real Estate Agents

As much as real estate agents and brokers would like to be in 15 places at once, they can’t. But with our app, PingZing member Realtors can effectively turn on when they’d like to be pinged, so no matter what part of town they find themselves, they are able to maximize potential business opportunities by showing properties that are within a five-minute drive time. This increased level of responsiveness increases a Realtor’s brand integrity and the likelihood of capturing a new buyer and ultimately, a sale. In addition, our app allows Realtors to track and manage their leads right in their smart device so they can refer to it wherever business takes them.